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X_trader api

X_trader api

D = getData(X,S,F) returns data for the fields F for the xtrdr instrument object, S, with fields corresponding to valid X_TRADER ® API options. For details, see the Trading Technologies ® X_TRADER API RTD Tutorial or X_TRADER API Class Reference. How to connect to TT X_TRADER API in order to create an ... Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. Is that code still applicable with the current X_TRADER Pro or TT API? – 4myle Jan 30 '19 at 18:51. add a comment | Your Answer TT | Futures Brokers | R.J. O’Brien Limited

8 Jun 2014 I spent countless hours massaging our flagship X_TRADER product. and author of TT API – our high performance trading API for Windows.

Both X_TRADER and X_TRADER Pro are feature-rich solutions for professional traders who need access to the global derivatives markets. If you aren’t sure which option best meets your unique needs, consult the chart below. Develop custom add-on applications using X_TRADER API: Experience speed and reliability for distinct performance Transfer the traded "Buy Qty", "Sell Qty" and "Total Qty ... Study the X_TRADER API Documentation to understand how to retrieve certain positions using OrderSets. Mark M. mschneider · Mar 21, 2016 at 07:33 AM 0. Share. Hi Mark, i know the tutorial and even the example. I could transfer the working orders but not the total quantity of my traded contracts. I thought i could get help here in the community Sex Toys Drop Shipping & Wholesale - XTrader

X_TRADER - Trading Technologies

X_TRADER - Trading Technologies Ask questions and share ideas about the TT ® and X_TRADER in the posts in this topic to earn reputation and become an expert. 相关主题. X_TRADER® Platform TTAPI MD Trader X_TRADER API ADL X TRADER API Class Reference - Microsoft

The Trading Technologies Development Environment has been established only for FIX Adapter, TT API, and X_TRADER API users who are developing or enhancing a client application. The following activities are not permissible in the environment and could lead to …

Trading APIs for the TT Platform - Trading Technologies


X_TRADER API 7.17.x and later no longer supports versions of X_TRADER® prior to 7.9.2. Some X_TRADER® API applications may need to be updated when moving to X_TRADER® API 7.17.0 or higher. Specifically, existing order routing applications will need to be updated if they are to be used in environments where users are configured with multiple X_TRADER API Resources Extend the power of the X_TRADER platform by integrating your automated trading logic, custom price and fill reporting and user-defined trading windows directly into the X_TRADER® environment.

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